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"Thank you for the report, Jeremy really enjoyed the session yesterday. It was a very positive session."
Karishma Menzies, 1 Oct 2021

"Great mentoring and feedback. My son really enjoyed the course."
Candice Glenday, 20 April 2021

"Thank you for persevering with the technical problems today. Harry very much appreciated the extra time too. The Quizz is still trying to load on our computer, but Harry said he would feel more confident going over it with Jack on Thursday.

He very much looks forward to the sessions so I think that Jack is a good match for him. I was dreading this time because in a normal year Harry was meant to do this tutoring when his sister was at school over Easter doing the GCSE revision classes, that of course never materialised.

Even if he doesn't do brilliantly with the 11+ I am really grateful for the 'catch up' and increased confidence that these sessions are bringing.”
Emma Alty

"Thank you for the monthly report for Zakee. I am pleased to see he is making progress. I completely agree with regards to his focus & getting distracted easily. He seems thinking about break & playing mostly. However with Peasy learning he still has improved on his concentration. Thank you for your efforts & I hope he improves with his scores in further mock tests remaining."

"The management team are so helpful my son enjoys going and he is feeling more confident. Thank you."
Petar L, 24 Nov 2019

"Amazing school! My kids thoroughly enjoy it here!"
Stefana Pesko, 23 Nov 2019

"Great new way of teaching!"
Alex TheList, 1 Oct 2019

"Great and quality work so far with my son. Will highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks."
Felix Asamoah, 9 Dec 2019

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