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Computational Maths

7-11 years old

💫 Overview

This course teaches the future of mathematical thinking which will be the key to success in many future careers. The idea is that one should be able to take ideas and convert them into a format that a computer can understand. Everything (text, images, networks, user interfaces, whatever) can be represented in computational form. Ideas like functions and lists are also important. This course will teach you how to interact with computers and understand the results. The world changes rapidly and we need to adjust and teach our children new skills that will support their education. This is the maths of the future.

If you want your child to take a mock exam this can be taken on the fifth day of the Intense Course, which allows them to test their skills. The exam papers are marked and full feedback is given by a tutor to both you and your child.

📒 Course Details

👪 School year

For children 7-11 years old

🕑 Course Length

Up to 12 months

🏠 Venues

Amersham, Chesham, Slough, Sevenoaks, Marlow, Other*

*If you cannot find the Venue, that is suitable for you, let us know where you would like us to run the sessions.

Courses can be conducted Online

💷 Course Fees

Hourly Rate Instalment Amount
Normal Price** £23 £368 (8 sessions)
£184 (4 sessions)
Discounted Price** (Early Enrolment) £15 £240 (8 sessions)
£120 (4 sessions)

**All materials are included in the fee

🛒 Payment options (coming soon)

💸 Bank Transfer 💳 Direct Debit 🧾 Cheque

If you are not happy with the course, we offer you 100% money return guarantee***

***Terms and conditions apply

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